Future Home © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved  Imagine an amazing campus where art, science and technology meet with history and education.  A place where the “Can Do” ideals of the 1960’s flourish into new art forms and virtual trips back in time.  You have the chance to become a part of this new adventure in learning.  Your membership, you donations and your display items will make this first of its kind, hall of learning possible.  You will be able to hear the music, relive the moments, share the memories or help discover the new art forms with our youth.  Featuring a Living Vietnam Memorial, a Sixties Toy Museum and Virtual Trips back in time, the museum will we a one of a kind adventure in learning and preservation! There are so many ways to help.  The museum needs you items to display whether donated or on loan.  You may not want to part with that prized collection, but how about a temporary loan so others can share in your good fortune.  The museum can also accept donations of vehicles, property or gifts in kind for tax reasons.  Your help with the museum will provide educational services and preservation efforts for a part of history that is often overlooked.    The Sixties Museum hopes to one day occupy a 200,000 square foot complex, that will be one of the most energy effecient buildings in the world.  Our architect is hard at work designing our amazing campus!