Exhibit Areas © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved  No discussion of the Sixties is complete without Civil Rights and the effect Martin Luther King had on a generation.  From church basements to crowds of tens of thousands, his words moved the hearts and minds of the world.  Revisit the struggle that unfortunately has still not ended. We fear terrorism today, but in the Sixties, Air Raid drills were a regular part of school days and Duck and Cover was a phrase known by every school child who looked out of their classroom for mushroom clouds. Exhibit Ideas Mission Control Missile Silos Vietnam and the Cold War were constant reminders that political strife and constant unrest had the world  on the brink of World War 3 and Nuclear disaster at any minute.  Meanwhile the news was filled with young people off to war.  See the hardware, the effects it had on music, literature, lives and culture in general. Who doesn’t remember the wonderful toys of Marx, Ideal, Remco and Mattel.  Barbie and Ken, Easy Bake Ovens, GI Joe, Lionel Trains, Rock’em Sock’em Robots and Monopoly are only a few of the toys we grew up with.  The Sixties Toy Museum will provide a wonderful trip back to a time when the mind was the only processor you used to entertain yourself!