Memberships © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved  Your single membership of $50 entitles you to unlimited attendance for one for the first 2 years, with membership card, and half price admission to events plus a window decal and 10% discount on our new store items.  A dual membership of $80 is unlimited attendance for 2 the first 2 years, plus half price admission for 2 to special events and 10% discount on store items. Memberships are for 1 year thereafter.  A family membership is $130 and covers 2 adults and 4 children for the first 2 years.  1 year thereafter, and includes window decal.  Join below. Special Circle supporters with gifts of $1000 or more for single or dual memberships are entitled to normal membership benefits but will also be invited to special invitation only events including receptions and dinners with special museum guests and speakers throughout the year.  These events are anticipated quarterly.  Join below. Basic Memberships Advanced Membership Levels Corporate Sponsorships Corporate donors are key partners with museums and donations in excess of $500 will include passes for employees depending on the level of corporate support.  In addition, corporate supporters will receive acknowledgement in the museum’s annual report and in museum literature and printed literature as it is produced. Corporate donations of $5000 or more will result in permanent signed acknowledging the donation at the museum’s campus.  Donate below. Gifts-in-Kind and Other Donations Donations to the Sixties Museum do not have to be in the form of cash only.  You can help the museum with donations of cars, boats, property, buildings or stocks.  Your gifts can, with the advice or your tax advisor, provide tax incentives or provide a memorial for your business or loved one.  In addition certain naming rights will be available at the museum.  Feel free to contact us if you have an interest in making a contribution to the Sixties Museum’s programs.