Donate....Create jobs with a click! © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved  A step back in time to another decade.  Virtual trips, toy museum, military hardware, historical study, a video Vietnam memorial, old and new forms of music, literature and the arts, and most of all a museum so unique it will make you want to come back often to enjoy the experience and relive a remarkable time.  Enjoy the coffee house, view remarkable art and design, listen to the music and study the posters, paper dresses and clothes. An International tourist destination that creates museum jobs, fills hotels and restaurants, increases business for local merchants and features a recreation of the Hippie districts featuring local merchants and vendors.  Jobs!  You can make it happen, while recreating history, educating children and reliving memories.  In this economy, how can we not come together, as we did back then, to promote our state; the long-term plan even includes an east and west coast museum.  Come on, make it happen. Create the Sixties Museum with a Click Create Jobs with a Click A place to bring back live music with a Click Live music, yes LIVE!   A real place featuring live music, exploring the greats and allowing for the new.  Sit, have a coffee or dessert, hear daytime and evening bands.  Let’s bring back real music with spirit, emotion.  If you’re a musician, help create a place where you can find that groove and get lost in that other place, only we know about, or just lay back, see old friends and show the kids how it’s done. A place for high-tech education with a Click! Incredibly cutting edge technology that in conjunction with local colleges, can provide training grounds for new IT and design workers.  How about keeping America’s lead in technological design and operation going by creating an environment that provides the next generation of entertainment, while studying the past.  Teachers also will find a sophisticated educational resource for studying the Cold War, Civil Rights, the polical changes of the decade and the alternate lifestyles of the period.   Vote