Sixties Stories Tony and Bonnie Salins are spreading the word far and wide with their 409 powered rail .  Seen throughout the U.S., Tony and Bonnie race their cars and love to talk racing, and of course about the Sixties Museum.  Next time you see them at the track, say hello and tell them you saw them on the museum web page.  Got pictures of your car, feel free to send them to us, and we will start a page for racers! Tony and Bonnie race under their company name Boat Anchor Racing.  Their new chassis is a beautiful cherry red and the car is really turning fine times this year.  Stop by and say hi! Spreading the Word! 409 Powered! Scotty Richardson 5 Time NHRA Champion Visits  ©Copyright 2013. All rights Reserved  Race1 Race2 Race3 Ardmore Dragway Link Here's the link to the Ardmore Dragway picture from last Saturday's race. Runner-up  The car ran 6.15 in the eighth mile @110 mph Car stats Length 235" 2009 Rear Engine Dragster Powered by Chevy 1964 409 cu in engine Chassis by Trick Chassis, Clinton WI Paint by Ron Rice at Eagle Graphics, OKC, OK Custom headers by Hager & Son, OKC, OK Always looking for more sponsors by the way! Send us pictures of your car.