Living Veterans Memorial © Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved  We want to take the photos that are fading, the movies that are deteriorating and create a video memorial that puts a face to the names of the men and women who served and died.  Show their lives and their service.  Show war and show their sacrifice.  We need your donations. The memorial will be be open to all.  Please make this happen. Was you father in the 101st?  What did it look like on the front lines?  Searchable databases give you direct access to the footage taken by military and private soldiers in the field.  This chance to see what Vietnam was like, puts a true perspective on the sacrifice of our soldiers, and why so many returned different than they were when they left. A living video memorial to the men and women who served in Vietnam Digitized photo and video of Vietnam and current military action with searchable databases Military Recognition, Gatherings, Education and a Return to Respect  Often we don’t get to recognize people for going above and beyond.  It might be a shared drink, maybe a barbeque in the park, or maybe a personal opportunity to help someone who helped you when you needed it.  It could be education, it could be job training, or it could just be friendship.  Maybe we need to bring back the old fashioned military parade down main street.  However you look at it, help us build a memorial that puts military service back to its role as a respected and necessary occupation.